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Edge Zone Podcast – Hemp Farming and CBD in Texas with Anthony Parrish

Listen to Anthony Parrish’s visit with the Symbiosis’ Edge Zone podcast.  The discussion includes the emerging Texas hemp market, legalities, and what opportunities exist for would-be Texas small and large-scale hemp farmers.

The one hour and 40 minute podcast topics include:

  • Anthony’s background in politics and logistics
  • Corridor Biogenics hemp processing
  • Opportunity for small businesses to get into Texas hemp industry
  • Issues with banking and hemp
  • Different solvents for cannabinoid extraction
  • Getting full spectrum cannabis oils with hydrocarbon solvents
  • Hemp farming in Texas
  • Small farmers and large companies in the emerging hemp space
  • Legality of CBD in Texas
  • Growing outside in West Texas or inside in East Texas
  • How long can you store hemp biomass?
  • Organic hemp farming
  • Using hemp extraction byproducts as feed or biomass
  • Biomass gasification
  • Doing a small trial grow of hemp

Edge Zone Podcast - Hemp Farmings in Texas

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