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We are Corridor Biogenics, providing comprehensive extraction services for growers and top-notch Cannabis derivatives for wholesalers and retailers. Our job is to make the grower’s life as easy as possible while providing top-of-the-line hemp-based products.  We are committed to authenticity, quality and professionalism in all that we undertake.

We strive to be the grower’s full-service extractor, taking much of the guess work and confusion out of this new industry.  You can have the peace of mind of knowing how much you can make on your grow before you grow it.  Working with Corridor Biogenics allows you to focus on what you do best: growing a profitable crop!

For those buying our products, we promise that our derivatives are triple tested for quality and regulatory compliance and that the pricing reflected on each is the honest market value for that product.

Our Services

coming in 2020

  • Testing: We provide information testing upon request and at time of pickup.
  • Regional Transport: We provide transportation services within a 500 mile radius of our facility so that growers in our region don’t have worry about getting their product to us. Rest easy, we’ll come get it!
  • Pre-processing: Don’t want to separate biomass from the rest of the plant, that’s fine let us do it.
  • Extraction of CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate and Broad Spectrum Oil: We provide the full range of processing services using the Hydrocarbon extraction method.
  • Bottling: If it’s liquid, we’ll bottle it for you.
  • Labeling: We’ll label your bottle with your chosen label as long as it meets design specifications and applicable law.
  • Wholesale: Buy it in Bulk.
  • THC: Oil, vape and smokeables (Oklahoma).
  • Online retail: Buy it big or buy it small, the main point is you don’t have to get dressed to get it.
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