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Coming in 2020, Products & Services:

  • Testing: We provide information testing upon request and at time of pickup
  • Regional Transport: We provide transportation services within a 500 mile radius of our facility so that growers in our region don’t have worry about getting their product to us. Rest easy, we’ll come get it!
  • Pre-processing: Don’t want to separate biomass from the rest of the plant, that’s fine let us do it.
  • Extraction of CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate and Broad Spectrum Oil: We provide the full range of processing services using the Hydrocarbon extraction method.
  • Bottling: If it’s liquid, we’ll bottle it for you.
  • Labeling: We’ll label your bottle with your chosen label as long as it meets design specifications and applicable law.
  • Wholesale: Buy it in Bulk.
  • THC: Oil, vape, smokeables (Oklahoma).
  • Online retail: Buy it big or buy it small, the main point is you don’t have to get dressed to get it.
Be a part of the Hemp Industry as it Grows!

We are Corridor Biogenics, providing comprehensive extraction services for growers and top-notch Cannabis derivatives for wholesalers and retailers.  Our job is to make the grower’s life as easy as possible while providing top-of-the-line hemp-based products.  We are committed to authenticity, quality and professionalism in all that we undertake.

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